Nail Polish Remover Moved to New Site.

Hey there all.. Thank you for sticking with us! Around the beginning of May 2021, we were contacted by our Credit Card bank saying that we had to remove all Nail Polish Removers from our site that shows their logo on it. Which really hurt. They are a good seller for us. We have been looking to find a way to get them back online, and I have come up with very few options to accept payments for them. As of now, we only have the option to do a Money Order payment, where you send us a money order.

We are still looking for other payment options, but have not come up with much.

We have a ok level of stock on most items, but we will not be carrying it after we sell out. At least that is the plan at this time. If this 2nd time works well, we may keep them on. So act fast or you may miss out!

Thanks so much!

Edward - Things4Fun

So act fast or you may miss out! 

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