CleanStream All In One Shower Enema Cleansing System


SKU: XR-AD949-XB35

Get an enema from your shower or on the go!

The smooth PVC tips in this system are made to slide in easily to five inches or even ten inches deep. You can use them with the included silicone bulb when you're on the road, or hook up the included shower hose for a constant stream of cleansing water. The included hose is over six feet long, making it one of the longest on the market, and an upgrade to most shower enema kits. The adapter that allows the PVC tips to work with the shower hose can be removed and used on other shower hoses or shower enema systems. This kit packs a whole lot of versatility into one brilliant package.

If you want to permanently hook this system up to your shower without having the remove the shower head every time, just get a diverter valve to go with it.

All In One Shower Enema Cleansing System Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Large enema tip: Approximately 10 inches long; Small tip: Approximately 5.5 inches long; Hose: Approximately 80 inches in length; Bulb: Holds 10 ounces of liquid
  • Material: Metal, PVC
  • Color: Black
  • The steel hose attaches easily to a sink or shower head and works with the included nozzles
  • The enema bulb is ideal if there isn't a sink or shower head within immediate range
  • Enema bulb works, as well, with the included nozzles
  • Compact enough for travel and use on-the-go