Colt Hairy Chested Men Playing Cards


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Hot, hot, hot - that’s what you’ll say when you purchase COLT Hairy Chested Men Cards. Featuring a collection of the biggest and hairiest chested COLT stars of all time, these playing cards are a huge turn on that are as sexy to look at as the fantasies they’re sure to engage. Featuring COLT’s best known hairy chested men, the sensuality on these cards is absolutely, positively intense. The photos give you the ultimate in gratifying images. No doubt about it: you’ll find the guys that really turn you on. After all, COLT has selected their favorite men in sleek, supple black leather to help you indulge in your hottest sexy scenarios. And get a look at those pecs, those thighs - COLT picks their favorite muscular stars to strut their stuff on these COLT Hairy Chested Men Cards. So what are you waiting for? Get your game on with cards that show off the hottest hairy chested COLT stars around! Enhance and steam up your bedroom fun with these intensely sensual cards that will have you stoked for the pleasure you want and need - in no time at all.

Featuring: Sailor Brother , Franco Correlli, Babycakes, Jerry Haymes, Wade Neff, Randy Nash, Mike Pereyra, Moose, Pete Kuzak, Wade Neff, Jerry Haymes, Ray Dragon, Vito Cesari, Mike West, Mike Hams, Harry Cribbs, Wade Neff, John Pruitt, Anthony Page, Rick Prize, Andrew Berlin, Paul Barresi, Carl Hardwick, Tony Mills, Pete Kuzac, Joe Nyland, Anthony Page, Carl Hardwick, Brett Hayward, Dave Sansone, Franco Abruzzi, Ryan Hayward, Spike Maynard, Gunner Hyde, Casey Moran, Tony Mills, Mike West, Pete Kuzac, Marshal Cline, Jesse Ditmar, Doug Reed, Carl Hardwick, Charlie O'Connor, Rick Koch, Tony Lombardy, Dave Angelo, Eric Korngold, Coe Faulkner, David Gold, Tom Chase, Ali, Brett Hayward, Steve Kelso, Ryan Kilgore