Colt Pump Lube - 9 Oz


SKU: SE-6815-00

Offering the ultimate sealing power for the serious pumper, the COLT Pump Lube, is a silicone based, high-quality lube. Simply generously apply this terrific lube to the ring or donut on the pump to assure an accurate seal - and increase your pleasure. For more fun in the bedroom and the ultimate in sensual stimulation, this silicone-safe, latex compatible pump lube simply can’t be beat. Easy to use, you’ll find gratification in an enhanced sensual experience. Our COLT Pump Lube is sure to satisfy, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy the smooth and stimulating pleasure and the ultimate in gratification where it counts. COLT Pump Lube will help you slide into a thrilling, hot experience that can’t be beat. It’s the perfect bedroom accessory for pumpers looking for more exciting and stimulating satisfaction. This lube will set you on your way. So, get ready, get set, and let COLT Pump Lube provide you with exactly what you need to get what you want from your pump.

  • Silicone based lube
  • 9 fl.oz/266mL
  • Packaging May Vary