Diabolic Erection Enhancer Cock and Ball Ring

Master Series

SKU: XR-AC580-XB11

Enjoy dual pleasure with the Diabolic Erection Enhancer The Diabolic Enhancer allows men to maintain a longer-lasting erection.

That benefits both the wearer and their partner. The Diabolic takes things one extra step by including a taint stimulator. With each thrust and movement the stimulator rubs against the perineum. The Diabolic has a compartment for both the cock and the balls and is made of comfortable (and flexible) TPR material.

Diabolic Erection Enhancer Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 5.13 inches long, 2.37 inches wide, Cock and Ball Openings have 1.47 inch internal width.
  • Material: TPR Keeps the cock and balls snug in their own compartments
  • Includes a taint (perineum) stimulator Helps men maintain a longer-lasting erection