Fist It Textured Masturbation Glove

Fist It Textured Masturbation Glove
Fist It Textured Masturbation Glove

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The Fist It Silicone Glove comes with dotted textures on the 4 fingers, while the thumb and the rest of the glove have a sensuous ribbed design for some sensuous play!

As an extra, a little mouth between thumb and index finger will take care of some extra stimulation! A unique play tool created to intensify stimulation during any erotic hands-on situation, the Glove offers its thick texture, supple surface and penetrable opening to massage, just about any foreplay act, anal play and masturbation. Fitting just as easily over the left hand as the right, the ambidextrous Glove bends and flexes to any finger angle. A range of textures provides lots of sensation in, over and around body areas- thick ribs and tickling nubs massage sweet spots effortlessly.

When used for masturbation or as a hand-job helper, the Glove's unique little opening between thumb and forefinger creates an exciting 'pop through' sensation as the ultra snug lips close tight around the shaft and head of the cock in question. Just use your favorite Water Based Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. If your Stroker gets tacky, just sprinkle liberally with some cornstarch or Renew powder to restore the silky smoothness. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Black

Materials: Silicone TPR

Measurements: 9 inches in length, 7 inches in width, unstretched.

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