GAY DVD - Alpha Tango 3 - Active Duty



Nash makes his hard core debut, Cash bottoms for both DJ and Kasey, and Jameson joins Conrad.A Note From Dink ... That other great moment we've all been waiting for happens in 'Alpha Tango 3' with Cash on the bottom once again, but this time he's taking on not just one cock, but two! And throw DJ's huge 9 incher in the mix and you've got a royal fucking laid down on Cash like never before. Ever since we first got Cash to bottom for Kaden in 'Gung Ho' I've gotten more emails than one can count asking me to do it again. Cash does things at his own pace and you have to be patient and let him call the shots and when I got a call from him saying he was ready again I mobilized the troops and got my act together quickly to provide two hot tops to complete the mission. We all know what a great big-dicked top DJ makes and he knows just how to ease that huge cock of his deep in a tight ass and take it for a ride the owner won't soon forget. Kasey does the honors of getting it ready, but first he's working on the newbie Nash in the pool house while DJ and Cash enjoy the pool. Once the four of them are together all hell breaks loose and the three veterans bring the newbie across the line and get both he and Cash fucked like they should be fucked.

Starring:  Cash, Conrad, DJ, Jameson, Kasey, Nash