GAY DVD - Bad Cop - Titan Media

GAY DVD - Bad Cop - Titan Media
GAY DVD - Bad Cop - Titan Media



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Starring: Damien Stone, Ricky Decker, Nick Prescott, Donnie Dean, Hunter Marx, Adam Herst

On a late night call to a residential alarm trigger, partners Nick and Adam find an empty house and a bottle of lube. Adam drops to his knees, taking out Nicks rock-hard cock. Nick holds his partners head down on his dick, Adams own monster throbbing below. Adam sucks him deep, his mustache hairs tickling Nick's bush and sliding against his shaft on the way up. Nick whips his dick on Adams breathless face. Nick gasps for air, getting a kiss for his efforts. Adam sucks his bud again, his face getting dick whipped. He offers his ass to Nick, who soon bangs him from behind ('There you go!'). Nick grabs Adams uniform, pulling him in closer as he goes faster. Adam sits down on Nicks dick, the bottoms cock rock hard as he rides. Adam eats Nicks hairy hole before fucking him, the tops smooth abs tightening. Nick gets on his back, his hairy bod soon covered in cum.

'You've gotta stop coming here on my security shifts,' smiles Donnie, who catches fellow cop Ricky stroking his big dick in a residents garage. They kiss, their scruffy skins grazing before Donnie opens wide to swallow the dark-haired studs thick meat, the suckers own boner grazing Ricky's leg. Donnie feeds him back, whipping the side of Ricky's mouth with it as they both smile. They eat each other out, Ricky then fucking Donnie's rippling jock ass from behind the tops muscular, hairy legs slamming the bottoms ass. Donnie sits down on Ricky, his big dick bobbing as his ass grinds on Ricky's root. On his back, Donnie grips Ricky's big pec as he gets fucked whipping his boner against the tops abs as the intensity builds. Ricky goes deep, his smooth groin slamming the bottoms smooth sac. Ricky strokes his bud to release as he fucks him, then comes on Donnie's cock as the scorching scene ends.

After a long shift, Hunter and Damien unwind in the precinct locker room. Hunter comes out to his surprised colleague. 'What do you guys do together?' asks a turned-on Damien, whose big dick is soon deep inside Hunters furry mouth. 'That's it!' moans Damien, looking down at the mohawked sucker. 'So sexy!' Hunter slaps his face with it, then gets his face whipped. Damien grips Hunters huge cock before devouring it, spit beads clinging to his beard. Hunter buries his scruffy face in Damien's hole. He fucks him from behind, then turns him over. Damien rests his leg over the tops shoulder, Hunter licking it as he fucks. Hunter goes deep, his steel shaft snapping up when its released from Damien's hole. Hunter bends over for Damien, the top plowing so hard and fast that both of their muscle pecs shake. The bottom gets on his back, the two squirting all over his hairy frame.

Released: Jan 30, 2015
Studio: TitanMen
Director: Jasun Mark
Length: 1 hrs. 30 mins.
Categories: Beards, Big Cocks, Blue Collar Guys, Cops/Prison, Cosplay, Daddies, Deep Throat, Facials, Feature, Fingering, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, Office, Public Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex