GAY DVD - Bulletproof 3 - Active Duty



How can you go wrong with Conrad, Dorian, David and Chance? You can't! ... also features Kasey, Brock and Gage. Hey Troops ...Today we are doing a first here at Active Duty. We're combining a brand new scene with our very first War Chest Update DVD release. When I first posted the Brock, Kasey and Gage scene in the War Chest Updates we did a poll and asked if people thought we should eventually put this scene on DVD. Not suprisingly the response was an overwhelming yes. In fact, I get emails all the time asking when we are going to put all the War Chest Updates on DVD. So, to please all those who voted yes we are putting the Brock, Kasey, Gage scene on Bulletproof 3. But, the first scene is a brand new scene featuring Dorian, Conrad, David and Chance in a hot fourway that was actually Conrad's very first scene. Conrad was a bit reluctant at first, but he came through and delivered.

Starring:  Conrad, Dorian, David, Chance, Kasey, Brock and Gage