GAY DVD - Drafted - Active Duty



Mason Wyler gets 'Drafted' by Kaden, Kasey, Levi and the returning Brock.A Note From Dink ... As many of you know, I've always prided myself on the exclusivity of our Active Duty models. And though a few have strayed here and there over the years, for the most part our men here at AD have remained very loyal to our family. This loyalty and the laid back style of fun we have here at AD has spurred many e-mails over the years from guys working in the porn industry for bigger studios who just love what we do here. Most of the time I don't respond or I decline very nicely.When I opened an e-mail from Mason Wyler I immediately felt different. I've actually followed Mason over the years and have become a huge fan myself [yes, even I go to other sites besides Active Duty ;-) ] of this hot, all-American Texan with the prettiest blue eyes, devilishly handsome grin, hot, hot body, great ass and that near perfect uncut cock.But the thing I've come to love most about Mason is how uninhibited he is, how much he just craves hot, steamy sex with hot fucking men. Mason represents the deep, dark secret we all hold of being a true slut, a hungry cockhound and ready and willing to do the dirty just as dirty as we can. What I respect most about Mason is his understanding of this side of himself, how in touch he is with it and how much he loves satisfying it and in the process allow us viewers and fans the chance to fantasize about being just like him. He provides an outlet for us to express this same part of ourselves without ever leaving home.Every good family -- just like every good military unit -- has its misfits, outsiders and members that somehow don't appear to fit in the family or team portrait, but in the bigger picture of things, they help round out a very solid unit. With this in mind, I decided to Draft Mason Wyler into the Active Duty family and allow this horny young blooded American to prove just how much of a hot fucking soldier he could make. As I'm sure you've already guessed, Mason graduated his bootcamp course with flying colors (among other flying stuff) and helped strengthen the unit as a whole :-).

Starring:  Brock, Kaden, Kasey, Levi, Mason Wyler