GAY DVD - Euro Jake - Jake Cruise

GAY DVD - Euro Jake - Jake Cruise
GAY DVD - Euro Jake - Jake Cruise



I met my match in Olda, one of Prague's hottest hunks. Rock-hard body, thick muscles, and a huge, thick tool that proves my undoing. I take the enormous cock up my ass for as long as I can stand it before surrendering. Olda responds with a cum explosion.

Frederico looks shy with his sweet, dimpled smile; but I soon realize he's more stud boy than shy boy. He's a passionate kisser, and lets me explore every nook 'n cranny. He responds by gibving me a very special blowjob, 69-style. . .with passion.

Ladislav is just as rock-hard as he was on my last visit to Prague. The view of his irrestibly round ass when he turns to 69 with me nearly makes me explode right then and there. He straddles me and slips my cock into his tight butt hole, giving me the perfect andgle to watch his flexing abs and pecs as I fuck him. He cum and he jacks himself to a hot orgasm, coating his sex-pack with cum!

Starring: Frederico, Ladislav, Olda and Jake Cruise