GAY DVD - Fixed & Fucked - Alpha Males

GAY DVD - Fixed & Fucked - Alpha Males
GAY DVD - Fixed & Fucked - Alpha Males



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Starring:    Antonio Garcia,  Bruno Fox,  Damian Boss,  Riley Coxx,  Sam Bishop,  Valentin Alsina,  Yohann Banks    

Scene One: What do you do when your computer doesn’t start? You call the nearest hot technician available and get him over! But when Valentin turns up and tells Damian he has to take the computer away Damian has to move quickly and try get the hot man fast. He goes for the kill and places his hand on the man’s meaty ass. Valentin is quick and goes straight for his mouth; they kiss and explore each other. Valentin reaches for Damian’s cock and after wanking it he kneels and starts sucking on the man’s big dick. Damian returns the favour before bending Valentin over the shredder and eating his hole in preparation to filling it with his hard meat. Damian fucks him deep from the back then sits on the chair and lets Valentin free to fuck himself and work his cock up until he is ready to shoot. Damian unloads on Valentin’s face then he stands up, wanks himself off and shoots on Damian’s cock.

Scene Two: When the sun is out in London there is no way anybody wants to do any work unless they really have to; or your boss screams at you. So Bruno and Yohann are banished from the sunny terrace and sent inside to mend Trojan’s sofa bed. What’s the best way to find out what’s wrong with something? Try it! The boys soon roll onto it and get busy. Within moments, shirts come off and cocks go up. First to get up is Bruno and stands up to feed his cock to Yohann , then the boys get completely naked and Bruno face fucks him a bit more before working his way down Yohann tasting all the way to his cock. He sucks it like his life depended on it. Bruno then pulls Yohan up and pushes him down so he can get to his meaty ass. He licks it and fingers it before pushing his thick cock inside in one smooth movement. Yohann first gets fucked hard on all fours then he is pushed up and fucked again bent over the side until Bruno shoots a thick load on his ass. The boys fall back on the bed and Bruno wanks him till he covers his cock and balls in his creamy white stuff.

Scene Three: How often does it happen? I mean.. how often does a hot serviceman actually turns up at your office the day you are alone? Sam could not let the opportunity go and nearly jumps on Riley when he comes by to get his work signed off. Riley welcomes the offer of some post work relief and soon the boys are exploring every inch of each other’s body. Sam soon makes a beeline for those particular inches that Riley is offering, pushing Riley to the wall, kneels down and sucks every inch of his cock. Riley can see him wanking himself while he has his lips wrapped around his shaft and wants a piece of it himself. He pulls Sam up, pushed him down on the sofa and gets to work on his sizeable cock before pulling him up and rimming the hell out of his hole. Soon he slips his cock inside Sam’s hairy hole while holding his legs open. He fucks him deep and hard before turning him around and fucking him from the back until he shoots a big load on the sofa. Riley then pushes him down and explodes in a multi shot orgasm that would get a gold medal.

Scene Four: Getting quotes for work is always an opportunity to see how much you are getting fleeced, but when Yohann presents an all-inclusive quote, Antonio can only jump at the opportunity and make sure that EVERYTHING is included. He squares up to the workman and soon Yohann is on his knees liberating Antonio’s pulsating cock from his trousers. Antonio face fucks him and rams his dick down his throat while reaching down and tasting the man’s ass with his fingers. Antonio pulls him up and sucks on Yohann’s cock before bending him over the armchair and working his hole with his tongue and fingers. He then fucks him standing up, taking him from the back and burying his cock deep inside him. Antonio is a hard fucker and likes to ruin an asshole, so he pushes Yohann down to the floor and hard fucks him before getting up and wanking over Yohann’s face. Yohann cums first and shoots on his own leg and Antonio unloads a big cumshot all over Yohann’s face and chest.