GAY DVD - Flippin' Jake - Jake Cruise

GAY DVD - Flippin' Jake - Jake Cruise
GAY DVD - Flippin' Jake - Jake Cruise



Kurt Wild and Jake

Even though he looks barely old enough to be doing porn Kurt is already an established star, and it's easy to see why. Boyish good looks, a smooth sculpted body, and a big thick piece of meat hanging in between his legs gives him all the tools of the trade. Most guys just want to take a nap after they get off (myself included) but Kurt just wants to keep on going. He cums not once, not twice, but three times! What a pro. 

Jake Wolfe and Jake

Here's hard evidence that two Jakes are better than one. For young, cute, ticklish Jake Wolfe, a blow job from me proves to be a real growth opportunity. Once his cock is big and rock hard, I just can't stop sucking it, so the other Jake returns the favor. When I try to finger and rim his ass, however, his ticklish side gets the best of him. So it's on to fucking I go, bareback no less. This was young Jake's first time taking it up the ass. But he made sure to practice with toys first. He told me he had slept the previous night with a butt plug in his ass. Even so he was nice and tight. After getting fucked "young Jake" turns the tables and gives me, "old Jake," a good banging. The resulting cum showers are further proof that twice the Jake means twice the fun. 

Damian Sykes and Jake 

Sometimes long, lean blonds can be a real turn-on. That's why I'm all over Damian from the very first moment in this scene. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's a very willing partner and open to just about anything. That includes giving me a righteous pounding that makes me wail with pleasure and ends with a supersonic spray of cum that hits me in the face...and everywhere else. 

Zane Reynolds Solo
You may have previously seen Zane hit a homerun with both Jake and our members in a hot servicing scene. Now it’s time to watch the pre-game warm up as he shows off his toned-athletic body and strokes his stiff cock for you. 
Starring:  Kurt Wild, Damian Sykes, Jake Wolfe, Zane Reynolds, Jake Cruise