GAY DVD - Folsom Street Cruise - Bob Jones Productions



Biker Boy comes into Bob Jones’ new San Francisco video store looking for work as a porn model. But Dirk, Biker Boy’s interviewer, is no pushover; he puts his new recruit to the test with butt inspection, some ass shaving and a sound paddling. Not quite yet satisfied, Dirk leaves Biker Boy handcuffed to the store door and tells the poor boy to take good care of any customers who come in while Dirk’s gone. Enter Ranger and Downey, two hot and horny punk boys who know how to dish out the verbal abuse to their hapless victim. Dirk returns, and pounds Biker Boy’s ass while Ranger and Downey watch, helping themselves to each other’s dicks. Then Dirk takes Ranger to the toilet for a nasty scene full of dirty jockstraps and armpit licking. Finally, Dirk decides that Biker Boy has passed his test and gives the boy a blow job; Ranger and Downey, however, want their own piece of ass. They cuff Dirk and won’t let him go until they get to plug him from both ends. And do they ever!

Starring:  Dirk Davenport, Downey, Ranger, Biker Boy