GAY DVD - Leo Giamani - Jake Cruise

GAY DVD - Leo Giamani - Jake Cruise
GAY DVD - Leo Giamani - Jake Cruise



Leo is an ex-cop who decided he wanted to be a porn star. He's well-equipped for his new career, with a hot bod and 8+ inches of ramrod-straight cock. It's a special pleasure for me servicing this manly, macho hunk, in his first ever porn shoot. By the way, he shoots his load like a real pro.

When Leo first laid down for his massage I began to explore his hairy butt hole and his cock and his balls. Then I turned him over, and saw the massive monster that is Leo's cock. Eventually I go down on that big tool, and Leo helps out by pushing my head harder and deeper. It looks like the secret to getting a rise out of Leo is to treat his "big guy" right.

I'm really fond of Leo's spicy, thick and huge Italian sausage, though when I tried to deep throat it, it was no use - it's just too big! That doesn't stop me from having fun with it, first by mounting it, then by having Leo enter me from behind. We try some more positions and finished with near simultaneous orgasms.

Leo's tool and body, are quite impressive. He gets hard almost instantly then takes it nice and slow - stroking and squeezing his rock hard 8-1/2 inches. Meanwhile, we admire all the work Leo has done in the gym (those pecs, yowzah!) But all good things must come to an end - in this case, a cum shower that covers Leo's abs.

Starring: Leo Giamani and Jake Cruise