GAY DVD - Muscle Worship - Jake Cruise - Zeb Atlas

GAY DVD - Muscle Worship - Jake Cruise - Zeb Atlas
GAY DVD - Muscle Worship - Jake Cruise - Zeb Atlas



Zeb Atlas Serviced

The body, the face, the whole package - that's what makes Zeb Atlas one of the biggest stars in porn. In this movie for the very first time, Zeb is serviced by another man, and I'm the lucky guy that gets to do the deed. I take my historic duty seriously, working his cock long and hard, licking his balls, and worshipping every nook and cranny of that legendary body. I knew I was in heaven when I got to tongue and play with his glorious ass hole. Judging by the end result, it looks like Zeb enjoyed every minute of his new experience. 

John Magnum Serviced

John loves to show off his beautiful body and big, thick dick. I show off his amazing muscles while he flexes and poses. In this movie I wanted to play with him and play I did. I lick his body before getting on my knees to swallow his ultra-thick cock. I had a hard time getting that bubble butt to part so I could bury my tongue in his perfect ass. But I persevered and it was oh so sweet. To complete the servicing I jerk and suck John off tugging that thick-dick until I get a mouthful of sticky cum. I think I want to play with him again, and again, and again. 

Tyler Hunt Serviced 

Tyler Hunt is a wild-eyed stripper with a chiseled, furry body and energy to spare. Tyler passionately makes out with me and then grinds little Jake until I cum! It's Tyler's turn now so I pick him up and carry him onto the bed. His cock is absolutely ROCK hard the entire time we play. I lick his feet and armpits and of course spend lots of time on his long dick and hot hole. I wish you could see through my eyes when Tyler is perched above my face, jerking off while I lick his balls. It's an image I'm happy to have burnt into my mind forever. I lay back and get comfy as Tyler jerks a load which splatters the bed and my face. 

Cody Cruz Serviced

Cody is a competitive body builder and after taking one look at him I think he's got a long career ahead of him. He is HUGE! I love running my hands all over his bi-ceps, pecs, abs, quads...I can go on and on about his muscles. It's his butt I think I like best of all. I nearly lose a finger down there when he clenches his cheeks together! He'd better not pull that while I rimm him. 

114 minutes