GAY DVD - Northern Delights - Jake Cruise



Scene 1: Samuel - Samuel is originally from Quebec but I played with him in Toronto. If you listen you can hear his accent. But I think you'll spend most of your time gazing at his beautiful body, his gorgeous face, and that dazzling blonde hair. Samuel likes to spend a lot of time sunning in his birthday suit. He had just gotten back from Florida where he danced nude in clubs at night and laid by the pool nude during the day. I don't think he ever wore clothes!

Scene 2: Danny and Nicholas - Danny and Nicholas are a hot Canadian couple who love to play with others. I met them at a pub in Toronto where we had one too many Guinnesses while playing pool. I made them a bet that if I won against both of them they would have to come on my site and play with me. And, as you can see, I won big time. Actually, I suspect that they let me win!

Scene 3: JC -JC is a hot Canadian stud that I met on a recent trip to Toronto. He's studying for his masters in history at a university there and was interested in doing some performing for my site. As soon as I saw him I knew I'd love to share him with all of you, and once you get a good look at what he's packing you'll know there is plenty to go around.