GAY DVD - Out of Office - Alpha Males



Starring:   Bruno Fox,  Damien Crosse,  Jake Bolton,  Kayden Gray,  Michael Rudin,  Scott Hunter,  Yohann Banks    

Bulging biceps, perfect pecs and rock hard abs all bursting from beneath a clean pressed shirt and tie, moving down to an enormous package pressing against suit pants, there’s nothing not to love about a hard hairy man in a suit, and we have plenty of them here for you! With super porn stars Damien Crosse, hugely hung Kayden Gray and macho fucker Michel Rudin to name but a few, they are dressed to impress and take every opportunity to fuck hard and deep and work the juicy cum from each other’s throbbing cocks. Whether it’s over a kitchen counter, office desk or in the pub toilets after a hard day’s work, it’s a non-stop adventure in the office of the Alpha Male!