GAY DVD - Personal Czechs - Jake Cruise

GAY DVD - Personal Czechs - Jake Cruise
GAY DVD - Personal Czechs - Jake Cruise



SCENE 1 Ivan & Tanek: 

Czech out two of Prague's finest - lean, ripped Ivan and beefy stud Tanek. These two get pretty creative when it comes to having fun. They kiss, strip, and worship each other's muscled frames. Once naked, they go full force. They suck, 69, and Tanek takes Ivan's fat cock up his ass. They both blow their loads onto Ivan's hard abs, after which they head to the shower and clean each other off.

SCENE 2 Frederico & Tanek: 

With a sexy, chiseled body and 8-pack abs, as well as a hefty dick, Frederico is a perfect match for beefy Tanek. Tanek tops first, thrusting his cock into Frederico's tight ass. When it's Frederico's turn, Tanek bends over, his butthole winking, begging for Frederico to fuck him. I have no idea what they were saying in Czech, but it sure sounds hot. Watch these two and more than just your eyes will pop!

SCENE 3 Ivan & Lubor: 

Handsome, hard-bodied, and hung only begin to describe Lubor, who joins Ivan for his repeat performance. These muscled European studs get their huge cocks rock-hard while kissing, sucking, and rimming. Ivan fucks Lubor's massive, sculpted ass. After getting his hole serviced, Lubor's washboard abs get soaked by his thick white load of cum, quickly followed by Ivan's juicy shot.

Starring: Ivan, Tanek, Frederico and Lubor