GAY DVD - Pounding Ass - Jake Cruise

GAY DVD - Pounding Ass - Jake Cruise
GAY DVD - Pounding Ass - Jake Cruise



When I first saw Dick he reminded me of Chris Isaak. He's got the same big puppy-dog eyes and chiseled face. But what really got me hot was his big proud chest. Dick has a natural, beautiful build. Tall, dark and handsome. He's athletic and sensual. Watch us have a great time kissing, sucking and fucking each other.

These two hot guys hit it off big time and they have a sizzling suck and fuck session that you will love. Donnie really seemed to take to performing and, as usual, Kai is a natural in front of the camera, one of the best bottoms in the business! They both work themselves up to a frenzy and then give us two big cum shots.

Well folks, I've managed to do it again. I finally convinced super hunky ex-Marine Justin to go all the way with gay sex. I started him off slowly with a hot servicing scene. Next I gave him an erotic massage. Now all of my efforts have paid off and you'll get to see Justin fuck the hell out of me with his huge cock. Oh, and he kisses me and sucks my cock, too.

Starring:  Jake Cruise, Dick, Donnie, Kai, Justin