GAY DVD - Rear Admiral 2 - Active Duty



Both King Cole and Chaz take on first time bottom-boy Domenic, while Spencer and Damien live out a serious fantasy.A Note From Dink ... When we shot Behind The Line 2, I finally got Domenic to agree to bottom. When I first approached him, he was a bit apprehensive. I asked him to sleep on it and let me know the next morning. After we shot the final scene for Behind The Line 2, Domenic came to me and said he thought about it and he was ready. He even agreed that he'd take King Cole his first time out. Well, King Cole got really sick that day with allergies (this was back in the Spring) and we had to cancel that shoot until a later date. Well, that later date finally arrived and you're about to see how it all played out right here, right now, today! Domenic bottoms for Chaz and King Cole in this video and Spencer and Damien have some fun with a huge 12 inch and very thick dildo. This was a fantasy scene that played just like I'd dreamed it up and Spencer and Damien took it to the next level.

Starring:  Chaz, Cole, Damien, Domenic, Spencer