GAY DVD - Rear Admiral - Active Duty



It's all about our ultra-hot new recruit Spencer in this video, as he takes on Adam, Kaden and Chaz.A Note From Dink ... Today we're highlighting our newest recruit, Spencer, in two scenes in this video. First up, it's a great 'fly-on-the-wall' experience of he and Adam as I leave them pretty much to their own devices for quite awhile as we get to listen to these two go through the motions. Adam is convinced he's got himself a brand spanking new recruit to break in. Little does he know Spencer has been down this road once before in his debut scene from The Surge 3 with Kaden, Christian and Levi. It's fascinating to watch as Spencer gives Adam the lead and cracks smiles from time-to-time as he listens to Adam try and convince him that it's really 'not that bad.' Our boy Spencer is letting him think he's convincing him while all the while Spencer is the one that's actually doing the manipulating. He works Adam right where he wants him ... first down on his cock, then on his hands and knees so Spencer can fuck him. Enjoy the ride and you decide who the true 'seducer' was in this scene. Next we pair him with Kaden and Chaz and you can just imagine how that went.

Starring:  Adam Wells, Chaz, Kaden, Spencer