GAY DVD - TaxMan Cumeth - Titan Media

GAY DVD - TaxMan Cumeth - Titan Media
GAY DVD - TaxMan Cumeth - Titan Media



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Starring: Adam Ramzi, David Benjamin, Diesel Washington, Eric Nero, Nick Prescott, Tex Davidson

"He's got a personal interest in you. He means business. And he's going to audit your ass if you withhold from him. He's the tax man, always ready to whip out a penalty for early withdrawal. Join these men as the taxman cumeth and they collect on their dirty debts.

Tex Davidson whips out his huge cock for a live webcam show, then pumps it up. Hes interrupted by a knock at the door - agent Eric Nero needs to conduct an inspection for a home office deduction. Tex is happy to show off how he works, sliding his meat out and putting it back in his cock pump. "You wanna try it?" asks Tex. "I dont need to," offers Eric, his monster cock soon staring Tex in the face. "Damn, Mr. Taxman! You got a big ol dick!" Tex sucks it deep, Erics big balls drooping over his pants. Tex looks up, his beard rubbed by Eric, who then fucks his face. Eric worships Texs beast, the two kissing as their scruff touches. Tex gets eaten and fingered before ramming Eric from behind. Erics hard cock and balls bounce as he gets fucked. He sits down, riding as his own big dick flops back and forth. He arches back for a kiss, then gets fucked on his back, reaching up to touch Texs beard again before his bod gets coated. And all the while the two dont realize the live cam is still turned on and theyve been broadcasting it all on the internet.

SF Titans baseball coach and former star player Diesel Washington gets a visit from his accountant David Benjamin, whos nervous about income his client wants him to ignore. Diesel uses his crotch to tempt his aroused accountant: "Its all yours... go for it." David engulfs Diesels monster, gagging on it: "Its fucking huge!" says the breathless sucker, soon begging Diesel to his mouth. "Dont get bossy with me," says the increasingly verbal alpha, "Ill make you choke on it." A big spit strand connects Davids furry face to Diesels cock, the smiling sucker extending his tongue for a dick whipping. Diesel sucks the excitable stud back, then eats and slaps his ass before fucking him. Davids stiff dick bounces as he gets fucked, Diesel telling him to squeeze it. A pearl of precum drips from Davids dick, the bottom soon on his back begging for more: "Stretch that fucking hole!" Davids entire body shakes as he gets owned, his cock squirting without any stroking, as Diesel then dumps his load on him.

Stroking his bushy meat, Nick Prescott gets interrupted by bearded agent Adam Ramzi, who needs to do a home office inspection. "Most home offices dont have a bed in them," says the skeptical taxman. "Dont bust my balls, man," replies Nick, who moves in and drops to his knees. Adam beats his uncut cock on Nicks bearded mouth and hungry tongue, bending down for a kiss before fucking the suckers face. They kiss, Adam gripping Nicks sac as he sucks him back. They take off their shirts, the sight of each others chiseled bodies exciting them even more. Nick reaches down for a kiss as Adam whips Nicks dick on his chest. Nick wraps his arm around Adam as he fucks him from behind, kissing the bottoms neck. Nicks boner bounces up when released from Adams hole, the bottom getting on his back for more. They suck each other again before Nick offers his hole - his ear getting nibbled from behind before he gets on his back - and is then fed cum off Adams fingers after the top rubs it on Nicks hairy bod."

Released: Apr 29, 2016
Studio: TitanMen
Director: Jasun Mark
Length: 2 hrs. 0 mins.
Categories: All Sex, Bald Guys, Beards, Big Dicks, Daddies, Deep Throat, Dirty Talk, Feature, Hidden Camera, Horse Hung, Interracial, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, Office, Older Men, Pumping, Rimming, Rough Sex, Suits & Ties, Uncut