GAY DVD - The Best of Bolton - Bob Jones Productions



Caught in the Act, Rear Ended, Straight Pick-Up, and Key West Voyeur... some of the many sides of Rick Bolton - you've seen this guy before, but you have never seen him like this, going one on one for your personal delights. Shot on location in tropical Key West, Florida at the incredible Lighthouse Court, this is direct, sexy, hard-muscled Rick at his most intimate. Watch as Rick works out at the gym and continues his workout on the patio deck near the pool and stretches all his muscles. A languid sensual scene where Rick shaves his legs gets so hot that Rick needs to relive himself in a big way. Rick even does an erotic dance special during an evening gala at the Lighthouse Court. Thing get even hotter when Rick and his special guest Justin Young have a knockout duet at Key West's spectacular Copal. Then setting is lush, the photography is sensual, and Rick's big, butch body has never been so strikingly displayed. This is Balton at his brashest, brawniest best.
Starring:  Rick Bolton, Justin Young