GAY DVD - Who's My Daddy? - Jake Cruise

GAY DVD - Who's My Daddy? - Jake Cruise
GAY DVD - Who's My Daddy? - Jake Cruise



Scene 1: Tommy is a twenty-three year old from Northern California. When he sent me pictures and said he was interested in being on my site, I had him on a flight down to L. A. immediately. This All-American sweetheart is not only one of the hottest men I've ever been with, he is also one of the nicest. Until recently Tommy had never had sex with a man. But to his surprise he found he really liked it. You can see his passion, especially when his raging hormones take over and he rips my shirt off my body. Buttons flew everywhere! It was so hard to say good-bye to his sweet face. But I gave him a kiss and watched him walk away from me and into Burbank airport.

Scene 2: Christian is a muscled, furry stud new to my site and I've teamed him up with everyone's favorite little horn dog, Kai. They are a study in contrasts, Kai is small, fit and hairless, while Christian has a heavily muscled, masculine frame covered in hair. I introduce them to you in the movie and get so turned on that I hang around and we have a hot and heavy threeway.

Scene 3: Giovanni - This is Giovanni's first foray in front of the camera, but you'll see he is a natural. Fresh from North Carolina this hot stud is big on fitness and outdoor activity. He's a river rafter who keeps his body tight and hard, as our movie and photos will prove. He may be as straight as he claims, but once I got my hands on his frame, his cock sprang to life and never went down.

Starring: Tommy, Christian, Kai, Giovanni and Jake Cruise.