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Falcon Exclusive Colby Taylor, in his first movie in four years, returns to play a role that tests the limits of his versatility as an actor and performer. Getting It in the End tells the story of two brothers: one good, one evil; one battling for what's right, the other battling for what's his. Will Colby be able to outsmart his brother or will evil prevail?

No matter who wins in this surprise-filled, sexy psychological drama, you can be sure that everyone's Getting it in the End! Also starring Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart, Falcon Favorites Jeremy Jordan and Justin Wells, and Falcon newcomers Blu Kennedy, Eryk Elliott, Jason Spear, Justin Gemineye, Rocco De Niro, Tony Bishop, and Troy Apollo.

Starring: Colby Taylor, Roman Heart, Jeremy Jordan, Justin Wells, Blu Kennedy, Troy Apollo, Justin Gemineye, Tony Bishop, Jason Spear, Eryk Elliott and Rocco Deniro