Hard Man's Tool Kit - 6 Piece Pump Set


SKU: SE-1038-00

The Hard Man’s Tool Kit has everything you need to get your hardest, biggest erections yet—and end them with your most explosive finishes. A powerful penis pump is complimented with 4 toys to get your cock throbbing and provide breathtaking orgasms. The penis pump measures in at 7 inches long by 2. inches wide, the perfect size to accommodate your growing erection. The pump uses a suction system to increase pressure and blood flow to your penis, resulting in immediately firmer erections and encouraging impressive gains in size over time. The pump features a removable, soft donut that leads to a totally airtight seal to maximize your growth and strengthen your erections. A flexible hose and EZ-squeeze bulb make pumping up your erection easy and comfortable. When you’re done pumping for the day, an impressive variety of toys will be ready to work your rock-hard rod. Slip on one (or both!) of the stretchy cock rings to maintain your pumped up erection and experience intense sensation from the stimulating nodules. A powerful vibrating butt plug is ready to tantalize the adventurous man by awakening those sensitive anal nerve endings and vibrating around your prostate. Slip on the vibrating sleeve to provide powerful stimulations to the tip of your hard erection. A 5-speed power pack provides electrifying sensation to either the plug or the vibrating bullet and penis sleeve for incredible buzzing pleasure. To power up the power pack and start playing, just insert 2 AA batteries. Get the most out of your erection and supercharge your pleasure with this complete kit!

Set Includes:

  • Penis Pump - Quick Release Valve, Easy-to-use Pump Bulb, Exquisite Suction
  • Vibrating Butt Plug - 4" Butt Plug With Optional Multi-Speed VIbration, Suction Cup Base to Hold In Place
  • Vibrating Hooded Wonder - Super Stretchy Silicone Sleeve With Option Multi-Speed Vibration
  • 5 Speed Vibrating Action Power Pak With LED Display
  • 2 Penis Rings - Super Stretchy Silicone Rings With Stimulating Nubbies

    Experience The Ultimate In Personal Pleasure With The Hard Man's Tool Kit! Something For Every Occasion!