Leather 5-Pocket Zipper Fly Jean Pants With Colored Stripe - Limited Sizes and Colors

Kookie Leather

SKU: KO-1292-21-C-BX2

All Leather Jeans In Classic 5-Pocket Design!
Zipper Crotch With Top Button VERY Comfortable! With Hot Blue, Red , Gray, Yellow or White Stripe Up Both Legs! These genuine leather pants are one of the hot sellers in our men's pants section. Incredibly low price and features such as zipper front and five pockets make this pair of pants an irresistible piece of clothing.
Length Is UN-Hemmed. Length To Be Hemmed At Your Local Dry Cleaner/Alterations Place! Relatively Easy To Get Done!
WAIST SIZE IS VERY TIGHT - Please make sure to measure you waist accurately.  These do NOT run the same sizes a denim jeans.