Leather English Bull Dog Harness

Strict Leather

SKU: XR-AD681-XB26

Harness your dog with this heavy leather harness.

Maybe it just looks good straining to hold his broad chest, or maybe it's part of a complex bondage scenario. How you use these thick leather straps is up to you. You can hook a leash to front D-Ring and an anal hook to the back D-ring if that's how you want to do it. No matter how or why you wear it, you'll look and feel good.

English Bull Dog Harness Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Shoulder straps adjust from 5.25 to 11 inches in length, fits chests between 32 and 44 inches in circumference
  • Material: Leather, metal
  • Color: Black
  • Fit your male partner into this harness and enhance the bondage scene
  • Attach your favorite gear to the D-rings to create new possibilities

@DominicPacifico Looks Super Hot in this Harness!!