Lubricant Launcher 3 Pack Lube Shooter

Trinity Vibes


Get your lube where you actually need it with the Lubricant Launcher!

Applying lube can be a fun part of your foreplay, or it can be messy and complicated. Lubing up your cock before insertion usually means getting lube all over your hand; which you've then got to wipe off if you want to get a grip on anything. If you lube up heavy there's a good chance that your partner's tight ass is going to squeegee off a lot of that lube and transfer it directly to the sheets. If you try to manually work some lube in, well, it doesn't always ended up where you want it. The Lubricant Launcher fixes all that.

With the Lubricant Launcher, you just put the tip in your bottle of lube, pull back on the ring to fill, slide the smooth rounded tip into your partner's ass and push down the plunger. For a more even distribution you can start deep, and slowly pull it out as you apply. The important thing is that all the lube gets where you need it quickly and easily.

Lubricant Launching is essential if you enjoy an enema before sex. Sure you're clean, but enemas also remove your natural lubrication. With a Lubricant Launcher, you can replace that lubrication for more comfortable and safer sex.

For extra attention to hygiene, the lubricant launcher comes with three extra tubes, so everyone involved can get a clean one.


  • 5.75" total length
  • .5" diameter
  • 3.5" insertable
Allows for more precise application of your favorite lubricant
2 additional tubes are included

Easy grip handle for better accuracy

Material: Plastic