Mr. S Leather - Football Shorts


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Warning: Just putting the Mr. S Leather Football Short on will make your cock swell. The stretch fabric will make your Lycra-clad locker room fantasies come true.

The grin you flash as you walk by all the guys will let them know you’re up for a sportin’, dirty time.

Cut to sit right on the bottom of your thigh, the spandex grips your leg tight and stretches with every movement. Your quads, hamstrings and gluts look banging whether you’re just starting back at the gym or have been hitting the lunges and squats hard for a while now.

Football lace drawstring begs for boys to unlace them with their teeth.

When you have to have your ass covered, this is the pair to wear. Perky, tight and so damn fuckable – just the way the boys want to see it.

They wouldn’t be a Mr. S Signature without a ton of extra room in the pouch to get every pair of eyes in the bar zeroing in on your junk.

80% Nylon 20% Spandex

The same material Timoteo uses in its swimwear. Just wait until you pull yourself out of the pool in a wet pair of Mr. S Leather Football Shorts. Yeah, the white is going to look amazing.

  • Small: 28-30 Waist
  • Medium: 30-32 Waist
  • Large: 32-34 Waist
  • X-Large: 36 Waist