P3 = Pliable Penis Pump - Clear

P3 = Pliable Penis Pump - Clear
P3 = Pliable Penis Pump - Clear

Doc Johnson

SKU: DJ-0661-02

P3 = Pliable Penis Pump. Put it in, pump it up, push it out, repeat as often as you like. Innovative, functional and exciting. Made of soft yet firm PVC, the P3 penis pump is at the forefront of technology. The inflation tube is inside the cylinder body.The bulb-operated vacuum can be disconnected and removed without loss of pressure utilizing Doc Johnsons patented quick-disconnect valve. The head of the pump is shaped like a penis for realistic sex play. Also, the pump comes with a special reduction ring that will ensure a tight seal no matter the size of the penis.
  • Innovative Inflation Tube Inside Clear Cylinder
  • Features Patented Quick-Disconnect Valve
  • Includes Soft Comfort Ring For Tight Seal
  • Bulb-Operated Vacuum Can Be Disconnected Without Pressure Loss
  • Firm, Flexible Design
  • Body-Safe
Features: Flexible Penis Pump, Comfort Ring, Quick Disconnect Hose, Vacuum Retention, PVC, Non-Phthalate, Clear. Details: Circumference 7.54 inches. Dimensions 26.30 inches long by 2.40 inches wide by 4.30 inches deep. Material PVC. Pump Inner Diameter 32mm, 1.2598 inches. Always clean before and after use.