Rimba Genuine Leather Neck to Wrist to Leg Cuffs

Rimba Genuine Leather Neck to Wrist to Leg Cuffs


SKU: RIM-7664

Live out your fantasies with RIM 7664 Deluxe Leather Neck to Wrist to Ankle Cuffs Combination With Chain.

This accessory is composed of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and collar that can all be connected to a chain. It is the ultimate leather acceszory for BDSM experience or master/slave role playing experience.

It is made from the best leather material you will ever find in the market. If you have ever purchased low quality faux leather items in the past, you will know what we mean. We only use premium cowhide leather that has passed regular inspections and is tested often. It is made in Netherlands and not outsourced in some faraway land to ensure strict compliance to the quality standard for this product.

The cuffs and collar are made with premium quality cowhide material. The undersides of the cuffs are made to be as soft as possible and very comfortable to wear even for extended periods. There is no easy way to describe the softness and feel. It is simply wonderful! Blemishes and puckers are not hidden on the inside where they can be scratchy and irritating. The edge is folded and stitched, this has been done to greatly improve comfort and look by not leaving a rough edge that can bind and dig and simply look unfinished.

If you will get an accessory with the best leather material, then the craftsmanship has to be excellent as well. Stitching, grommets, lace holes, rivets, and studs will not pull out after a few times of use. The leather craftsmen making this accessory are among the best in the world. The master craftsmen train their apprentices with exacting standards to maintain their craft. This is the kind of quality poured in to this accessory.

The sturdy rings firmly attached to last for years. Chain and rings included. It meets European standards for Nickel. Any metal that can touch your skin during normal wear contains no Nickel.

There is only so much a good accessory can do. The rest is up to you. But having this accessory is already a step for you to having a fun filled wonderful evening. Get it now. Buy RIM 7664 Deluxe Leather Neck to Wrist to Ankle Cuffs Combination With Chain.

Bondage safety reminders:

Bondage Safety I.Go slow with novices and first encounters to bondage. Be especially sensitive to your partner's emotional reactions, providing frequent gentle body contact, spoken encouragement and other reassurances.

Bondage Safety II.
Respect the limits of your partner at all times and use a bondage "safe word." Set up a safe word before you start to ensure that each participant can end his/her participation with a word or gesture.

Bondage Safety III.
Bondage should always be safe, sane and consensual between the partners. As long as you keep some basic safety precautions in mind you will be able to enjoy bondage play without hurting anyone.

Product Features:
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Double Leather
  • Nickel free metal
  • Adjustable with buckles
Product Details:
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Made in Netherlands