Strict Leather Spiked Dog Collar

Strict Leather

SKU: XR-AA640-XB03

Enjoy turning your boy toy into your personal 'man's best friend'. This stylish and functional Dog Collar includes several metallic spikes along the front and side to give it a strong visual appeal. You'll be able to attach your favorite leash and lead your pet around wherever you wish.

Strict Leather Spiked Dog Collar Specs:

  • Measurements: 24" total length, slightly under 2" in width.
  • Materials: Leather with metallic spikes and D-rings
  • Sizing: Fits necks between 15" and 21"
  • Locking: Yes. You can use a padlock to securely close the buckle
  • Functional for indoor play or outdoor wear to a fetish nightclub
  • 22 metallic spikes line the front and sides of the collar
  • 15 metal studs keep the collar sturdy and secure during use