Zeus Twilight Wand Electrify Me With Ultimate Accessory Kit



Throw tiny lighting bolts from glowing glass, light bulbs, or your fingertips!

The Twilight Wand Deluxe Kit gives you everything. You can use the glowing rods to deliver its barrage of tiny sparks or adapt a light bulb. Both offer prickly electricity and brilliant visual effects.

For a more intense experience you can use the conduction pad. When you tuck it into your waist band, it will transfer the static electricity through your body. Suddenly your touch packs a powerful shock. If you hold a metal object, you can now send shocks from it. The shocks you can deliver personally are much more powerful than those delivered through the glass attachments.

Get this kit, and enjoy all the fun potential that violet wand offers.

Zeus Twilight Deluxe Wand Kit Specs and Benefits:

  • Contents: Kit includes (1) deluxe wand, (5) glass attachments, (1) bulb adapter and (1) conduction pad with ball chain
  • Material: Glass, plastic, metal
  • Color: Black
  • The conduction pad turns your partner into a living violet wand